Monday, 15 June 2009

So, as discussed, Radfest and the aftermath were appropriately rad and everyone raged. Memories of the night end with rolling around with Jack in a Sabbath-enduced frenzy or maybe further still into the night, with a big bottle of tequila. Anyway, Radfest was a while ago, I'm sure we've all digested it so I am not going to needlessly type anymore about it. RAD.

Our next show was in a basement in Brighton, at 4am after 13 Monsters. I think we blew, but we had fun and that is really all that matters. La La Vasquez played a short set with James on drums, Cold Pumas finished everyone off and everyone choked on what I'd hazard a guess was asbestos. Thanks to Izzy and the other people who live there, we'll collect our bass amp soon.

Next show after that was in another basement. I like basements. This time we were going to Nottingham which is possibly my favourite place in the U.K aside from Brighton & Scotland. I'd definitely consider moving there at some point. We hopped on a train to London and met up with Michael & Joe who were putting on the night and driving us to Nottingham. I'd like to say we sped up the motorway with reckless abandon, hair blowing in the wind, blaring out some Zero Boys or whatever, but instead we got stuck in traffic in a humid, sticky daze. Still, mix CDs ruled. Upon our eventual arrival we surveyed the house we were playing at. It had 4 stories and 8 bedrooms, a basement, massive kitchen, living rooms, the works; it was pretty real. We went and got pizza and within an hour of consuming it I felt super-ill. Sweats, puking, everything. People slowly started to arrive until the house was rammed full. Meanwhile I looked on jealously at the revellers, deflated and depressed that every sip of ice cold beer led to further puking. I had a lie-down, that didn't work. I had water, that didn't work. Guilty Parents/Bad Pizza/Rat Sounds/Smoking Babes in '09 played first (I think they've settled on Rat Sounds at the moment), it was their second show of the day, and of all-time, and they slayed. If you dig Le Face, The Shitty Limits or The Mummies then I reckon you'll find something to enjoy. We played next and despite being ill, it fucking ruled. Most fun I've had playing, best show as of yet. I held it together, sweated a lot and had a lot of fun. Immediately after playing I rushed outside and puked again; I felt like Geddy Lee or some shit. Went for another lie-down in a spare room but eventually found it in me to join the party. I figured if I was gonna puke anyway I might as well get fucked up and, lo and behold, I stopped puking, kind of. Cured by party! The rest of the night was an utter blur, bought cider at 9am with Lucy, got a lift home feeling like death, went immediately to the T.I.Ts/La La Vasquez/Sceptres/Sticks show; everyone ruled, had to leave before T.I.Ts to get some much-needed rest. I now feel like a new man.

We have one more show booked;

Sex Is Disgusting #10 - DUDEFEST
28th June - Finally Punk, Human Hair, The Sticks, Cold Pumas, La La Vasquez, Teen Sheikhs - The Hobgoblin, Brighton, 4pm onwards till late; BBQ//distro's//DJs//Dude-Culture manifesto.

After that we're going to hole ourselves away, get even tighter (yes, it's possible), write a lot of new songs, relax, catch some rays, eat some non-poison pizza, go swimming and then RETURN! When we return we'll have recorded our debut 7" for Captured Tracks (, we'll be playing a lot of shows and we should be doing a U.K tour in September, hopefully with a really exciting band. We'll see. See you in August!
p.s Listen to new Lovvers songs - - THEY RULE.