Monday, 25 May 2009

We played two shows this weekend - these photos are from Friday's show in Whitechapel with Titus Andronicus and Teeth. We got very drunk. Saturday's show was Radfest. Photos to come soon. We got very drunk. It made me happy to be part of whatever it is we are part of, this little culture that is slowly being cultivated through hard work, friendship and respect. We played with six great bands from this country and were treated very nicely by the Sexbeat guys, Luke & Paul. The whole thing was buddy central! To tick off names would be long and arduous but I gotta just mentioned the Black Mamba Beat guys briefly; they never fail to make everything feel like a party and their attendance at our shows is second to none! As a band they rule too, get the split tape with Work That Skirt, you won't regret it! Other special thanks go to the Male Bonding trio for feeding me tequila and giving me a floor. Dude culture prevails once again. xxxxxxx